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Short Fiction
by Lou Suarez

Price: $13.00
88 pages
trade paper
ISBN: 9780922811823
LCCN #: 2010009818

For Lou Suarez, poetry is a means of asking questions, a method of engaging the world and enriching that experience with a more compassionate understanding. Clarity and accessibility of language are evident throughout his work, but his poems are vibrantly complex, employing intricate layers of meaning.

FINALIST, Lantern Award for Poetry Book Length Collections, sponsored by The Lit: Cleveland's Literary Center

"Again and again the sharp-eyed poems of Lou Suarez see through the still surfaces of the ordinary to reveal the turbulence and mystery of our own lives. In a collection that is by turns sexy, elegiac, and celebratory, Suarez shows us that the world -- the American world in particular -- is stranger, larger, and lovelier than we knew. Isn't this why we read poetry?" -- George Bilgere


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