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Short Fiction
Impetuous Sleeper
by Donald Morrill

Price: $16.00
192 pages
trade paper
ISBN: 9780922811786
LCCN #: 2008044308

Morrill mines the past two decades of his life to explore overlapping strata of dreams and memory that prefigure the future, reveal layers of language, and convey insight. What emerges in this marvelous book is a lyrical map of, in Morrill's words, "our belief in memoir . . . the pathos of our time." --Fourth Genre

These seventeen prose pieces focus on the condition of wakefulness and the virtue of being awake. While the tone is often intimate, even the most personal disclosures -- letters and journal entries, conversations between husband and wife -- are graciously nuanced and retrospective, allowing readers to summon their own moments of revelation into the reflective spaces that Donald Morrill creates, line by wondrous line.

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"Morrill has created a compelling amalgamation of musings, journal entries, dreams, memories, letters, stories told by friends, and the detritus of the mind in twilight states of consciousness. By presenting insight into the inner workings of the author's mind, the book forces readers to confront their own dreams, histories, and ideas."--Library Journal

"Donald Morrill delights in extravagant kinships: the measured and the spontaneous, the elegant and the unabashed, the metaphysical and the earth-bound. Reading these innovative essays, I had the sensation of peering into an artist's studio watching the magic of raw materials clarify and deepen before my eyes. The collection seems an extended study of the sentence's hidden properties: its surprise modulations of thought, its shadings of emotion, its spacious or tensile delights. (Not at all surprising, since Morrill is a fine poet, as well as essayist.) Formal pleasures abound, but best of all, I felt accompanied by Morrill's fully awake, alert and alive presence." -- Lia Purpura, author of On Looking and Stone Sky Lifting

"What a wild and exhilarating book this is: a book made of so many things -- smart aphorisms, tender letters, jokes, mistakes, riffs on pornography and live oaks, quotes, history, love life, teaching, writing, human folly and incredibly intimate portraits of open spaces and some of the people who inhabit those spaces. At their core, I suppose these are essays about looking so closely at the world in all its ache and sublimity, that one almost has to look away in order to bear it, to remember it. But Impetuous Sleeper is also a book about responsibility as it pertains to art/the artist and in that way, it is one of the most beautiful books about responsibility I have ever read." -- Michael Klein, author of The End of Being Known and Track Conditions


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