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Short Fiction
Meticulous Attachment
by Mary Logue

Price: $13.00
72 pages
trade paper
ISBN: 0922811660
LCCN #: 2005001120

[B]rimming with eloquence . . . grab a cup of tea, curl up in a comfy chair and relax on a lazy afternoon with a copy of Meticulous Attachment, and turn your day into poetry. --Midwest Mix Magazine


It could come in morning,
sun gentle in the yawning sky.

It could come in the middle of the day,
thick shadow under a quaking tree.

It could come in deepest night,
salt-speckled robe of sky.

You are in the moment
and you step out.

You become the sun, the shadow, the salt.
All that is needed for peace.

Midwest Booksellers' Choice Honor Book

Mary Logue's third collection of poetry continues the lyrical examinations of human relationships--with family, with place, with lovers and friends--that distinguished her first two collections.

Discriminating Evidence, Settling, and now
Meticulous Attachment demonstrate what comes from living fully in the moment. Logue shows us how it's done: with full-voiced maturity and a generous, sympathetic humanity.

"This is Mary Logue's third volume of poetry, and while it's easy to label her a nature poet, she cultivates a special niche where the wild interacts with the world of humans.

"For Logue, it's a world that's visible from the house and yet demands constant reinvestigation. It's a world inhabited by gardeners as well as poets, and these poems reveal delights as suddenly as a turned-over rock, an emerging shoot or newly-set fruit."--Organic Gardener (Australia)

"She writes of the little pleasures in life--the hayloft of her barn, the acidic bite of rhubarb in the spring, turning in with her mate at nighttime--and these brief bits of verse never fail to ring a bell with the most casual reader."--"The Book Report," River Falls Journal

"These graceful and gently powerful poems, in a few stunning words, capture tiny moments in all of their incipient enormousness. They grab the yellow in goldenrod, cherish love, recognize aging, bow to loss and, with amazing calm, never lose sight of beauty. They keep death in mind, so as to 'always see beyond it to life.'"--Minneapolis Star Tribune

"Her mystery novels may be to die for, by Mary Logue's poems are words to live with."--Red Wing Republican Eagle


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