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The Making of a Surgeon
by William A. Nolen, M.D.
Foreword by Jody Nolen

Price: $16.00
269 pages
trade paper
ISBN: 0922811466

The Making of a Surgeon is the memoir of an apprentice. It is William Nolen’s story of his transformation from student to practitioner, from a brash medical school graduate to a surgeon possessing skill and judgment. And, as in the best memoirs, in the brilliant flash of his self-discovery, William Nolen illuminates the world outside himself.

First published in 1970, The Making of a Surgeon received critical acclaim and touched a world audience. The book’s universal themes propelled it to the rarified heights of a best seller. In this reprinted edition, with a foreword by the author’s daughter, his classic returns.

“This is an astonishing, superb book … it is remarkable for its wit and honesty … Nothing quite like it has ever been written about American medicine before.”—Michael Crichton

“The Making of a Surgeon is going to be very widely read … its clarity, forthrightness and unpretentiousness make it valuable.”—The New York Times

“Nigh on to the best damn book possible on the surgeon's thoughts and adventures and misadventures as he moves through internship and residencies to full certification in his craft. The book rings true.”—Cleveland Plain Dealer


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