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Short Fiction
Same Bed, Different Dreams
by Hugh Gross

Price: $10.00
223 pages
trade paper
ISBN: 0922811113
LCCN #: 91-009684

The Japanese have a saying for the concept behind Same Bed, Different Dreams: dooshoo imu. We know the meaning in our hearts and through our own experience: "Even those who share the same bed will have different dreams." Hugh Gross creates an intimate portrait of contemporary Japanese life, from the "pink salons" of Tokyo nightlife to the suburban homes of the Japanese middle-class. The story of Toshio and Nozomi, husband and wife, is the story of modern Japan—a society drifting from its traditional moorings towards an uncertain future.

“A finely etched, evocative psychological portrait.”—Booklist

“Finely honed detail with touches of humor and keen insight.”—Kirkus Reviews

“Same Bed, Different Dreams offers a fresh take on the rapidly rising stack of Pacific Rim literature.”—Los Angeles Times


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